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We also offer a walk-in service.
Please call to the shop or phone us on 8510454 and we will take care of you.
Thank you.

Parents: Please note that if you wish to make bookings for yourself and a child, or for multiple children at the same time – you must make separate bookings for each person. Allow the system to select the available barbers for you and then choose a time where there are multiple barbers available.

You must press the CONFIRM BOOKING button at the end of the booking process to finalise your booking and get your booking appointment number and also to receive the confirmation email.  

Book an appointment

We're going back to basics!

Over the last few months, most customers are choosing to walk-in rather than booking ahead so we've decided to revert to a walk-in Barbers. Just like the old days!

If you have any queries, call us on 01-8510454

You can still check the website to see who's on each week and we'll update this every Sunday.

Welcome back to the pre-Covid system!

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